This was a poem I wrote a few years ago; I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
One by one they come
No pride; no glory
Over, over, and never done
Is it even worth the story?
One by one they come
Does it even matter
Slow and fast and in no hurry
Tearjerker or a laugher?
One by one they come
Undeterred and unrelenting
Crash and then they’re gone;
Their steady song is unending.
Don’t fit in; don’t belong
Am I right or am I wrong?
Has it mattered all along
Or not at all?
One by one they come
They rise and then they fall
Small or biggest of the big;
Seems like the story of all.
One by one they come
No pride; no glory
Treated just the same;
Maybe it’s the answer.
One by one they come.

Cover Photo by Evi Radauscher on Unsplash

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