In a world turned upside down where the future remains uncertain, I have a heart bursting with gratitude. Today I feel like the luckiest man in the world.
This month has challenged me to go as hard as I’ve ever worked in my life, balancing on the fine edge of enthusiasm and exhaustion. Yet, I find myself filled with purpose and passion. My 30-day publishing challenged has forced me to lean into writing in ways I could only imagine. It’s changing me. It’s changing how I see the world. It’s opening my eyes to ideas, connections, and communities I couldn’t even imagine. In the Happiness Advantage, Sean Achor speaks to how positive thinking brains have a biological advantage over their peers. Gratitude has that power. Let me share the places where that strength grows.
While marriage has not been without its challenges, I’m grateful my wife and I continue to find ways to grow closer despite the tension of being locked into the same location seven days a week. And then, I’m grateful for the fresh air that greets me every time I push myself out the door for a run while observing the world God has painted around me. Instead of feeling fatigued at pushing past the limits that had been painfully scarred upon my mind, my body feels invigorated and alive.
I’m grateful for the job that supports me with not only the money to pay my bills but peace of mind. I’m grateful for the house I sold earlier this week that held me for the last five years. I’m grateful for the support team around for without them I would be nothing. My family, specifically my brother and parents helped make the sale happen as they selflessly dedicated themselves to painting, cleaning, and repairing the house to welcome a new family who’s children can grow up a supportive community.
I’m grateful for the communities where I’m fortunate to be welcomed. I’m grateful for the friends who have helped me in my moments of weakness. The peers who motivate me to grow as a writer and provide an opportunity for me to serve in reciprocation. I’m grateful for my Connect Group who share our love for God and the search for meaning in his messages.
I’m grateful that I’ve had the privilege to serve beside some of the most adaptable winners this world has ever seen, my comrades in arms. I’m grateful to work with an amazing team that places emphasis on valuing others and serving our fellow employees with dignity and passion. 
As I end this reverie, I’m grateful for all those who have read my words and would be grateful to hear your own ideas of gratitude down below, via Twitter, or email.

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