Change brings opportunities.
I just published my first newsletter in 42 days. 42 days and a world ago. 
I expect the directive to work from home shortly. Meanwhile, by the hour my wedding moves further away as Tiffany and I contemplate alternatives.
We can crumble beneath the chaos or we can choose to intentionally fill the void with the purpose we were missing long before COVID-19. 
For the next month (and maybe longer), many of us are free of our usual routines, obligations, and social distractions. How are you going to use this time to continue looking forward?
I recently wrote about my experience of being unemployed and homebound from July 2018 until July 2019. I speak about surviving financially, but I thrived because I adopted a growth mindset and learned more in those 12 months than ever before.
This is your time to grow!
  • Build a Second Brain to retain information and free your mind to become a powerful force of creativity. (A new live course starts the beginning of April, too.)
  • Use work cycles to achieve a new productive peak.
  • Create a new morning routine. Make your bed.
  • Write. Write often. Write daily. Write to others. Write to me.
Take this time to be intentional and keep in close contact with your friends and family. I previously discussed The Happiness Advantage. One path to happiness was social investment.
There is one characteristic distinguishing the happiest 10 percent of people from everyone else; the strength of their relationships.
Invest in others. Text, call, video chat with those outside your house. Deepen relationships with those on the inside.
Change brings opportunities. Seize them.
What’s your current situation? How are you navigating the chaos and looking forwards? I would love to hear from you.
I’m working on my writing, restoring my blog, and rebuilding my routines. The top priority is writing to you again next week.
God bless — stay safe, sane, and intentional. 

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