Hi, I’m Scott.
A lifetime searching for purpose has led me here. I want to disrupt the status quo and bring positive change to the world through seeking and sharing knowledge and my own experiences.
goal hunting
The end. Mile 241.

My Background

I am the result of my experiences.
As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, I served in South Korea, Qatar, and Afghanistan. Personally inspired by mentoring young troops, I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education, teaching high school for five years.
Now, I train and inspire employees for a local government to be increasingly effective in their jobs and increasingly fulfilled in their lives.
To test my limits and see what I’m capable of, I’ve run more than 15 ultramarathons, finishing all but four. My proudest accomplishment is finishing the 314 mile race Last Annual Vol-State.
I attempted a pilgrimage along the Appalachian Trail. A knee injury sent me home after 706 miles, but I dream daily of hiking the remaining 1500 miles.
Now, newly married in Orlando, Florida, these are my key life lessons:
  • Success and significance are different things. Significance is about serving others.
  • Believe in something greater than yourself. I follow Jesus.
  • Bring a positive mindset and OWN your life.
  • If you’re not getting better each day, you’re getting worse.
  • Compounding always wins over the long-term.
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