Book Rating Scale

In order to provide more objective recommendations for others, I have refined my recommendations to align with a 1-5 scale, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. 
This aligns with the Goodreads star-ratings.
If I’d recommend it for others, I start with a 3 on the scale and work upwards.
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My Ratings

5’s are the best! Must read and re-read. Top of the genre and my thoughts have been significantly impacted by this book. Highly recommended.
4’s are books I really enjoyed and walked away enriched. Recommend for others.
3’s are books I liked it although there was nothing super insightful. Recommend depending on the situation.
2’s are okay, but unsatisfying. There were some flaws or the book was a general struggle. Would not recommend.
1’s are bad. I hated it or was severely disappointed and feel my time was wasted. Actively recommend not reading.

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