My mission is seeking and sharing knowledge to disrupt the status quo.

– Living a purposefulĀ and exceptional life.

– Learning at the speed of the Internet.

– Changing the world, one relationship at a time.

goal hunting
The end. Mile 241.

My Background:

I taught secondary social studies, served as an administrator responsible for academic and behavioral interventions, and impacted the lives of thousands of teenagers.

I served in three foreign countries, leading and working alongside some of the most capable and dedicated individuals in the world as an American Soldier.

I’ve completed three footraces longer than 200 miles before being humbled by 706 miles of the Appalachian Trail, with 1400 unfinished miles still haunting me.

Now, based in Orlando, Florida, I develop individuals and teams for a local government, and cheer for my alma mater, the UCF Knights.

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Hiking White Mountains Appalachian Trail
Hiking the White Mountains with friends.

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